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Newham Door-to-Store – survey of potential need

Would Newham benefit from a Door-to-Store service? We'd like your views.

Would Newham benefit from a Door-to-Store service? We’d like your views.

We are researching the potential need to provide a Door-to-Store shopping service in Newham. The survey is open to residents of Newham who may find it difficult to do their shopping, possibly because they have lost personal mobility as they have got older or because they have a disability which impairs their mobility.

We have been providing a similar service in Waltham Forest for almost ten years which has enabled individuals to continue to live independently rather than being obliged to enter residential care. Continue reading

David Bellamy Memorial Ride, 2016 – Job Done – #dbmr2016

David Bellamy Memorial Ride

David Bellamy Memorial Ride

Well, we did it. Ten riders left at 0900, arrived in Southend-on-Sea for lunch (fish and chips) and ten riders arrived back at Walthamstow Town Hall at 1615.

Total riding time – 5:41:05 – taking 17 mins 30 secs of our previous best time. Average speed 13.3mph. Maximum speed 42.3mph (in a 50). Hills climbed 2,484ft (in Essex!). My calories burnt 7,472.

What a fabulous day!

You can still donate at http://bit.ly/dbmr2016 Continue reading

David Bellamy Memorial Ride, 2016; 22nd May 2016 at 0900 #dbmr2016

David Bellamy Memorial Ride, 2016 - 22nd May departing Walthamstow Town Hall at 0900hrs

David Bellamy Memorial Ride, 2016 – 22nd May departing Walthamstow Town Hall at 0900hrs

Well, we made it. The final training ride completed – another 30 mile hill climb special and Paul and I were particularly but very quietly pleased comfortably to overhaul a couple of young cyclists (20s or 30s) up the 3.3 mile Theydon Thunder on the Thighs climb.

We are now as prepared as ever we will be (and the fact that we’ve completed the full route a few times adds to our feeling of wellbeing) though it remains a tough ride.

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11 days and counting down – #dbmr2016 update

David Bellamy Memorial Ride

David Bellamy Memorial Ride

It is hard to believe that we have only one weekend training session left before we embark on our 76 mile ride to Southend-on-Sea and back. Our last two rides finally gave us warm, sunny weather so the very typical cyclist tan lines are back on  neck, arms and legs; everything else is ghostly pale (on me, at least).

We have, as predicted, covered almost 2,000 miles of training in all weathers (predominantly cold, wet and windy) but that is nothing to the seasoned cycling campaigner (and if you believe that…). Continue reading

DBMR Update – Richmond Park – 66 miles and a “Fenton” moment!

David Bellamy Memorial Ride

David Bellamy Memorial Ride

People will do almost anything to avoid training! Paul flew to New York, New York! Only Joking, Paul.

Angray and I were joined by Jez – a university friend of Angray going back some 30 years. Jez is an amazing cyclist. He goes up hills as if they don’t exist! We had no problem staying with Jez in the main part but the clockwise uphill climb is quite steep – nothing like Old Church Hill near Basildon of course but a decent pull nonetheless. Continue reading

Final Southend and back training ride #dbmr2016

David Bellamy Memorial Ride

David Bellamy Memorial Ride

The three MAMILs have done it again!. Waltham Forest Town Hall to Southend-on-Sea and back – three marathon distances in one day! Total age of cyclists – 166 years. That’s about the same age as fifteen children and young people on a minibus but rolled into three dedicated endurance cyclists. But we haven’t finished yet!

This coming Sunday two of us are going to cycle to Richmond Park again to do yet more laps of the perimeter road, hopefully to be joined by other cyclists whom we can press gang into the cause. Another 75 miles of cycling pleasure. Continue reading

The £1 Social Media Challenge

David Bellamy Memorial Ride

David Bellamy Memorial Ride

Can you spare a quid?

It’s not a big ask is it? £1 could buy a child in care or a young carer one day away from their routine and take them to the seaside to give them a memory that might last their entire life – because you cared enough to spare him or her £1.

Here’s how it works: – Continue reading

David Bellamy Memorial Ride update

David Bellamy Memorial Ride

David Bellamy Memorial Ride

We continue to make steady progress in our training schedule completing around 65 miles in total on our three counties (Middlesex, Essex, Hertfordshire) training ride on Sunday.

Against a fairly decent headwind (which more-or-less died out for the return leg) we averaged 12.8mph and I cannot help but notice that I managed a top speed of 36.7mph (in a 40mph zone). Not at all bad for a hexagenarian (or, if you prefer, a sexagenarian! as the two are interchangeable). Check out the ride stats. Continue reading

Welcome to our fleet upgrade

20160401_095941If you’ve ever bought a new car then you will always remember that “new car smell”. Well, it’s the same with minibuses – only much bigger – the vehicle not the smell!

On my recent visit to our Low Hall depot my attention was drawn to three shiny, new Ford Transit minibuses – all silver-grey, all 16 passenger seat and all with a really wide side door and an automatic step that pops out to make getting in that much easier. Continue reading

Memorial Ride Training Update

David Bellamy Memorial Ride

David Bellamy Memorial Ride

Powered by Jelly Babies and hard boiled eggs (a natural source of protein) the famous three (total age 166) headed out from Waltham Forest Town Hall at 10am precisely on Sunday bound for Richmond Park, the haunt of many thousands of cyclists, there to do laps of the seven mile internal perimeter road.

Using the London Cycle Network quiet routes we made our way encountering almost no vehicles and almost as few cycles until we reached Marble Arch then on through Hyde Park and through the posh part of town, through Chelsea Harbour and onwards joining the A205 before turning left and heading into the park via (I think) the Roehampton Gate. The rest of this is a truly interesting read so please read it!!! Continue reading