Get the licence right. Get the standard right.

MinibusMadnessIf I passed my driving test at the fifth attempt three years ago but haven’t driven more than 20 miles per week since and I told you that today I’d be taking sixteen children (including yours) from London to Loch Ness tomorrow in a Minibus Lite that I had never seen then how happy would you be?

Whether driving a Minibus Lite on a B licence on a “full fat” minibus on a D1 licence given to the driver in 1984 you can quite legally be responsible for up to sixteen passengers in a vehicle in which you have absolutely no driving experience. This is a topic which continues hotly to be debated and crops up regularly in our discussions with clients. Continue reading

Le Tour pour le jour – 7th July traffic disruption

tour-de-franceJuly 7th will be a big day for East London and it will probably be a slow day for many. Le Tour de France juggernaut will be travelling through east London and many roads will be closed all day.

Le Tour is routed through Waltham Forest, Newham and Tower Hamlets and both the roads which are the route of le Tour and surrounding roads will be closed not only whilst the bikes roar silently through but also for most of le jour (the day). Continue reading

Professional driving is all about safe driving

no-entryWhatever you drive and wherever you drive you know that you should always place one thing higher than anything else; SAFETY!

It matters not whether you are just taking your first steps in driving (in a car or on a small motorcycle); whether you are studying to take professional driving qualifications to drive a bus or a lorry or whether you just want to do a quick refresher to remind you of anything you might have forgotten since last you put your copy of the Highway Code safely into a drawer, never to see the light of day again. The fact is that the driving theory test can ask you any of more than 3,000 questions! Continue reading

Make the most of the good weather with our Spring and Summer Specials


You live in the finest city in the world, surrounded by fascinating attractions in arts, leisure and pure fun. Why not organise a trip to the coast; to the theatre; to a theme park or to an historical town?

 We have special offers which would allow you and a party of up to 15 friends (16 friends if you self-drive) or colleagues to get out and about for the day or the evening for as little as £5.88 each. That’s real value for money and a great deal of “bang” for your “buck”. Continue reading

Driving with an incorrect licence amounts to driving without a licence. Are you legal?

It could all end in tears!

With the rapid expansion of Academies and Free Schools and with the increased use of minibuses for different purposes you need to be certain that your drivers as well as your vehicles are fully road legal.

Your vehicle may be taxed. You may think that you are insured but its best to check because it’s easy to get this wrong. The purpose of the journey and other factors come into play. If there is an infringement then the driver may be driving without a valid driving licence and the vehicle may be on the road uninsured. You could end up stranded and your vehicle could be impounded so it’s best to check that you are legal before you take out the minibus. Continue reading

It’s membership renewal time.

groupmembersFor community members it’s now that time of year for the renewal of your membership with us.

The Membership Forms for 2014-2015 may now be downloaded (links below). Please note that there are some adjustments to our membership conditions which have had to be made in line with HMRC requirements following our recent inspection. Continue reading

EAST CT awarded Private Hire Operator’s Licence.


Over the last few months EAST CT has been going through the process of applying for its Private Hire Operator’s Licence from Transport for London. This licence has now been granted so we are now able to look towards undertaking Private Hire and other commercial work in addition to the “not for hire or reward” work that our parent already undertakes.

The effect of this change is that we will be able offer driver provided and self drive minibus solutions on a commercial basis which, in turn, means that we are able to offer solutions to a broader range of clients. This facet of our work will become clearer once our Public Service Vehicle Operator’s licence application has been granted.

Excursion Club is a source of great satisfaction

minibus-excursionThe results from our survey of the Excursions Club are in and they show impressive results.

We undertook a range of trips for our Excursions Club in 2013 and, overall, the feedback indicated that 90% of members were either very satisfied or satisfied with their experience. During the year some 65 new members enrolled into the club.

The following is a summary of the 2013 excursions and membership growth: – Continue reading